About Me

I’m Ryan Simonelli, an aspiring philosopher and author, struggling to be an ideally coherent eccentric.


Here’s a picture of me with a mustache.

I’m currently doing my Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Chicago.  Before that, I did my undergraduate work at New College of Florida, and I also spent some time at Oxford and University of Colorado.  I like thinking about all sorts of philosophical topics, but I mainly work in philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, but my interests spill over into epistemology and metaphysics.  You can find my academia page here.

I also enjoy writing all sorts of less-academic philosophical stuff.  I recently finished a wacky book of philosophical dialogues called Talking in Circlesand I’m now working on a related book called Making Sense of It.

You can email me if you want at RyanSim92@gmail.com


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