About Me

I’m Ryan Simonelli, an aspiring philosopher and author, struggling to be an ideally coherent eccentric.


Here’s a picture of me with a mustache.

I’m currently doing my Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Chicago.  Before that, I did my undergraduate work at New College of Florida, and I also spent some time at Oxford and University of Colorado.  I like thinking about all sorts of philosophical topics, but I’ve mainly worked in epistemology and philosophy of language, as well as dabbling in philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion.  You can find my academia page here.

I also enjoy writing all sorts of less-academic philosophical stuff.  I recently finished a wacky book of philosophical dialogues called Talking in Circlesand I’m now working on a related book called Making Sense of It.

You can email me if you want at RyanSim92@gmail.com

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